Shepherd-and-sheep (2)Sheep Shed is a non-profit Christian Mentoring Ministry that serves both individuals and groups.

Mentoring Ministry prepares individuals for life challenges, prayer, coaching and teaching through self evaluation and participation in small groups.

Individual Counseling helps build a better relationship with God, others and yourself through examining boundaries, prayer, teaching, support, encouragement, healing and spiritual growth.

At any given time in our journey through life we are either a shepherd or one of the sheep; we lead or follow.The goal is to keep moving. However we find ourselves repeating unwanted patterns and not where we would like to be in life. Sheep Shed Mentoring Ministers identify the roots of unwanted behavior and walk you through the healing process  to clean up the past, help you identify your gifts, know your purpose and move into it.

It is our belief that Jesus Christ is the ultimate healer. Share the Good News that Jesus Christ heals the brokenhearted and sets the captives free (Luke 4:18-19).

Heal. Equip. Go forth to share the Good News.

You’re Never Too Old to Hear Better!

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Pink rosesFebruary is a special month, with attention on building relationships and holding on to what is near and dear, to us all. I depend on a couple of rules for communication that are tried and true.

I first learned from my oldest son, five years old at the time. He’s a talker and I was not used to that, so I went about my chores and he would follow me chattering away. One day, he stopped right in the middle of the kitchen floor, put his little arms on his hips and glared at me while he said, “I’m going to wait till your eyes are on me!” Whoa! I stopped and gave him my whole attention to hear what he had to say. Being surprised, I did not even think to have a comment ready. I learned, the purest form of the golden rule is to listen.

Here’s How to Build Great Relationships!

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Velveteen RabbitRelationships develop over time, when people share in a real way, so each person can know the other, rather than one person trying to meet the expectation of the other. It takes time to really listen and ask questions, to understand who that person really is.

We respond to people the way we think they think, without really stopping to listen and receive them as the person they are. One of my favorite books, The Velveteen Rabbit  by Margery Williams, explains becoming Real.

What is Real?

Meeting with Yourself!

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December is advent, the wonderful celebration of the birth of the Christ child, who was born, so that we would have a pattern to follow. We are to imitate Christ in our own uniquely created way.

How are you doing so far? In September, I shared with you what I learned from yearly meetings with myself and promised I would share more in time. It is time. It’s time for the meeting to consider our situation and make adjustments, as needed; to fulfill our God given purpose and make dreams reality.