Shepherd-and-sheep (2)Sheep Shed is a non-profit Christian Mentoring Ministry that serves both individuals and groups.

Mentoring Ministry prepares individuals for life challenges, prayer, coaching and teaching through self evaluation and participation in small groups.

Individual Counseling helps build a better relationship with God, others and yourself through examining boundaries, prayer, teaching, support, encouragement, healing and spiritual growth.

At any given time in our journey through life we are either a shepherd or one of the sheep; we lead or follow.The goal is to keep moving. However we find ourselves repeating unwanted patterns and not where we would like to be in life. Sheep Shed Mentoring Ministers identify the roots of unwanted behavior and walk you through the healing process  to clean up the past, help you identify your gifts, know your purpose and move into it.

It is our belief that Jesus Christ is the ultimate healer. Share the Good News that Jesus Christ heals the brokenhearted and sets the captives free (Luke 4:18-19).

Heal. Equip. Go forth to share the Good News.

Meeting with Yourself!

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December is advent, the wonderful celebration of the birth of the Christ child, who was born, so that we would have a pattern to follow. We are to imitate Christ in our own uniquely created way.

How are you doing so far? In September, I shared with you what I learned from yearly meetings with myself and promised I would share more in time. It is time. It’s time for the meeting to consider our situation and make adjustments, as needed; to fulfill our God given purpose and make dreams reality.


God Works Though Cause and Effect!

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God works though cause and effect-5


Years ago while attending a women’s Bible study I was asked to be a children’s leader. I was to pray and think about that decision and report back with my answer.

As I was leaving the interviewer said,

“Don’t feel obligated, if you decide not to take this opportunity someone else will step up into it.”

To me that could be a promise and it could be a threat. If I know I should do something that God has given me to do and procrastinate, or too fearful to move into it someone else will come along and do it. I’d be off the hook but I could “lose the glory” so to speak. Or I can read that verse like God shaking his finger at me to get moving and do something about my situation. It could be a relationship I know I could make better but don’t really want to blaming the other person. There are all kinds of possibilities here.

God works though cause and effect in the natural world to supervise events. Providence—God works out His purposes through natural processes in the physical universe. In this universe every effect can be traced back to a natural cause. In the natural we’d call it a coincidence. God is always at work in the lives of His people. Coincidence in our life is ordained by God and is intended for our good.


What to do with those worries…

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For years I’ve used the example of the ‘worry box’ to get troublesome thoughts out of my head, rather than sit in a pity party or cloud of depression over some irritating block in my day or days.  During my recent stay in the hospital, with a good book I discovered a way to go beyond the ‘worry box’ into uncharted territory. It was worth the stay in the E.R., and I’m wondering today, if that was God’s intent for me while there. Thank You, God!

At times, excessive worry kept me frozen in procrastination, unable to accomplish what I wanted, until I discovered a wonderful solution; The Worry Box, a way to help get worries out of the cycle in my head, so that I could move forward. I wasn’t ready to get rid of them; I just needed them out of the way until I could deal with them. So, I thought what about writing each one on a single piece of paper and putting them someplace out of the way.  I would need to know where they’re kept, but didn’t need them running around in my head.

What a about an envelope or a box I thought? I settled on a box, but not just any box, it had to be special. Do you sense a bit of perfection here? I found the prettiest box I could find and put all of my worry papers in it and made an appointment with myself to worry on Thursday at 8:00 p.m.

When it was time to worry I took the pieces of paper out of the Worry Box, one-by-one, and discovered 9 out of 10, never even happened. I threw them away and worried over the one that was left.

So I began to share, that everyone who worries excessively needs a Worry Box.

Here’s what you do…