Meeting with Yourself!

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December is advent, the wonderful celebration of the birth of the Christ child, who was born, so that we would have a pattern to follow. We are to imitate Christ in our own uniquely created way.

How are you doing so far? In September, I shared with you what I learned from yearly meetings with myself and promised I would share more in time. It is time. It’s time for the meeting to consider our situation and make adjustments, as needed; to fulfill our God given purpose and make dreams reality.


God Works Though Cause and Effect!

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Years ago while attending a women’s Bible study I was asked to be a children’s leader. I was to pray and think about that decision and report back with my answer.

As I was leaving the interviewer said,
“Don’t feel obligated, if you decide not to take this opportunity someone else will step up into it.”

To me, that could be a promise and it could be a threat. If I know I should do something that God has given me to do and procrastinate, or too fearful to move into it someone else will come along and do it. I’d be off the hook but I could “lose the glory” so to speak. Or I can read that verse like God shaking his finger at me to get moving and do something about my situation. It could be a relationship I know I could make better but don’t really want to blaming the other person. There are all kinds of possibilities here.

I’d be off the hook, but I could “lose the glory” so to speak. Or I can read that verse like God shaking his finger at me to get moving and do something about my situation. It could be a relationship I know I could make better but don’t really want to blaming the other person. There are all kinds of possibilities here.

God works through cause and effect in the natural world to supervise events. Providence—God works out His purposes through natural processes in the physical universe. In this universe every effect can be traced back to a natural cause. In the natural we’d call it a coincidence. God is always at work in the lives of His people. Coincidence in our life is ordained by God and is intended for our good.


What to do with those worries…

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For years I’ve used the example of the ‘worry box’ to get troublesome thoughts out of my head, rather than sit in a pity party or cloud of depression over some irritating block in my day or days.  During my recent stay in the hospital, with a good book I discovered a way to go beyond the ‘worry box’ into uncharted territory. It was worth the stay in the E.R., and I’m wondering today, if that was God’s intent for me while there. Thank You, God!

At times, excessive worry kept me frozen in procrastination, unable to accomplish what I wanted, until I discovered a wonderful solution; The Worry Box, a way to help get worries out of the cycle in my head, so that I could move forward. I wasn’t ready to get rid of them; I just needed them out of the way until I could deal with them. So, I thought what about writing each one on a single piece of paper and putting them someplace out of the way.  I would need to know where they’re kept, but didn’t need them running around in my head.

What a about an envelope or a box I thought? I settled on a box, but not just any box, it had to be special. Do you sense a bit of perfection here? I found the prettiest box I could find and put all of my worry papers in it and made an appointment with myself to worry on Thursday at 8:00 p.m.

When it was time to worry I took the pieces of paper out of the Worry Box, one-by-one, and discovered 9 out of 10, never even happened. I threw them away and worried over the one that was left.

So I began to share, that everyone who worries excessively needs a Worry Box.

Here’s what you do…

What I learned from meeting with myself…

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Shepherd-and-sheep (2)In 1982 I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and by 1987, experienced a need to sort things out, focus, to know myself.

I had a need to know what I am here for, and how to best accomplish it for the glory of God rather than what I thought was expected of me. Until then I went from one to-do list to another but never seemed to accomplish anything lasting.

I imagined standing before God at the end of my life, seeing all my hats fall off as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, teacher, etc. and God saying to me,

“What have you done with the gifts I’ve given you?” What gifts? I didn’t know about them. What would I say?

This called for a plan that was the most difficult for me as an intuitive person. I misplace things, especially paper, so this was more of a challenge than defining my purpose from the inside rather than the outside doer role.

As I explored, the tools I needed seemed to drop into my hands from a speaker, teacher, or friend. I then began to discover myself as I focused on truth, my gifts and healing of wounds. It took one year to ponder, pray, and embrace my purpose.

I shared what I learned with those around me who wanted the same.  From this process, Sheep Shed Mentoring Ministry was formed in 2005; Heal Equip. Go forth to share the Good News.

Every year, July and December, I schedule some time with myself to take a look at everything I’m doing; keep what’s working, throw out what’s not and add one thing.


To Move or Not to Move!

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MountainsOne summer my family and I were offered a home to use for two weeks in the mountains of North Carolina. It was the first time my whole family vacationed together.

The home is located on a lake and of course my five grandsons were very excited about fishing from the bank.  However, access to the lake was limited due to overgrown trees which left a very small space at the shore. We needed more space and I felt that it would be helpful to have some of the trees removed that were in the way.

On the first morning, while I was pondering the whole situation, I heard the sound of a lawnmower and chopping coming from the lot next door. I walked outside and around the corner at the front of the property I saw two women, one was pushing a lawnmower and the other was chopping trees and brush.


Are you…

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All In!
In my dream…

I walked in to view my coffin and found myself aware of the young man who was arranging things, but couldn’t find the cloth that was to be used to cover my face in the coffin.

The priest closed the coffin anyway. The ribbon that was used to tie around the coffin wasn’t long enough to make the bows so I helped to try to make the bows with what was available.

The coffin was closed the whole time but I was aware that I was in it. The bows couldn’t be formed but I knew there was pretty ribbon coming on the arrangement for the service.


Behold thy Mother

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John 19: 25, 26  “Now there stood by the cross of Jesus his Mother…When Jesus therefore saw his mother, and the disciple standing by, whom he loved, he saith unto his mother, Woman, behold thy son!  Then saith he to the disciple, Behold thy mother!”

As I think about Mary and John I see an interesting progression that happened to them and will happen to us if we allow it. I think about Mary as mother chosen to be the one to bring Jesus to earth, to nurture and care for him as he was growing up not knowing what was ahead simply doing what she was called to do and learning as she went.  The scriptures support the idea that Jesus knew a mother’s love, yet he never called her mother. Mary had a mother’s love to give but progressed to mother heart.

An example in my own life would be… When one of my sons was very young he would run up to me and throw his arms around my knees and say, “I need you mama!”  I knew a mother’s love in our small family circle and I protected it and didn’t share it.


I Know It’s God but What Does It Mean?

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Why God?










Frequently I find doing what I do leads to something new. In fact, so new that I’m not sure what it means.


My car sat in the driveway while I waited for the mechanic to call, and let me know that the parts were in. I had some errands to run so I drove our Honda Pilot.

I drove to the office, met with my appointment and locked up. I kept my keys in my hand, as I always do, to have it ready to open the car door when I get to the parking lot.

I got into the Pilot and put the key into the ignition; nothing happened. In fact the steering wheel would not even budge.


Stand down…

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Heart Peace










You have stood so long

You have tried and tried and tried

That is why you are so drained and weary

It is time to “stand down”


That does not mean “sit down”

You will still be standing

But you will be leaning more as you stand

From now on you will be enabled to stand up

While at the same time standing down


I’ll Get Around To It…

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Round TuitI’m not too sure where this writing comes from; I found it in my files.

“To be at peace is to stop and think and be still focusing on a facet of God’s provision usually found in His Word but sometimes a thought that you know is not yours because it’s a bit of wisdom that is completely new, but has an awareness of awe around it. You stop and write it down before you forget. Think on it during the day. It’s part of your provision for the day.”

Sometimes the provision comes from or through other people like this Scripture given to me some time ago that addresses an area I struggle with frequently.

“God is not a man, that he should lie, nor a son of man, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?” (Numbers 22:19)

There are things in my life I intend to do but don’t like acknowledging the Christmas cards containing yearly updates from friends that I treasure and fully intend to answer. Every year after I take them down from the wall where we admired them through the holidays and put them in a guarded stack on my desk. I intend to answer right away and keep them where I can see them so I don’t forget. The days turn into weeks, months, and the year is gone I haven’t done it.

There is another larger group of cards in a bag tucked away on one of my book shelves that I meant to answer. They’re all the cards and notes we received when Mary, our daughter-in-law, died two years ago. I made thank you cards with her picture right on the front but I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to look at her picture until time passed. So they’re still there on the shelf, they haven’t moved and I haven’t either.

This struggle has been a puzzle to me over the years. Of course it’s procrastination my form of control. I get a lot accomplished most of the time, but there is this area that I am submitting to God this year. I haven’t done it before because I thought I could do this myself or someone would come and teach me how to reset my inner clock. Zig Ziglar almost did when he gave me a round TUIT pictured above. I didn’t have to wait until I got around to it, I had one so I should be able to just finish things. I was to hold it and keep it in my pocket to remind myself. I put it in the drawer so I wouldn’t lose it!

Out of sight, out of mind!

My friend Susan sent me this excerpt from Andy Stanley: “There is a little snippet in the Bible that gives us a stunning insight about time. In Psalm 90:12, Moses prays, “Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

These words actually establish the context for every decision we make and specifically what we cram in and what we pull out of our schedules. Moses is saying that when we recognize the brevity of life and live as if our days are numbered, we immediately gain a perspective and can better decide what to do with our time.

Put another way:

Our time is limited, so we need to limit how we spend our time. Yet too often, we act as if our time is unlimited, that our days are not numbered in terms of how we schedule and what we prioritize. We assume we will always have our kids, our parents, our jobs, our health . . . and if we’re not careful, one day we will get to the end of our lives with many regrets.

So I think of how I have procrastinated last year and years before and I choose this year to continue to listen to God but to respond to what he says or sends to me through other people. Other things will make it to the list, but this one thing I choose to do.

I’m sharing with you one of my inner most struggles. I don’t want this in my regret list. Blessings and peace to you for this new year.

Father God, do this in me. Amen.