Your Direction: Let’s Get Things Straight

Would you believe me if I said, Second Born twin will not let anyone else do dishes while he is here? It happened this summer…

Summer is a good time to learn something new as long as there’s fun attached. It is also a time to delegate the work that never ends especially if you have children home all the time. Therefore, I decided to find a way to delegate the routine never ending chores like dishes, washing clothes, putting away toys etc, dusting and of course vacuuming. Until now, I have not been successful interest dwindles after a time or two and we are back to square one. I decided to consider the strengths of the boys and then find the right motivation and follow through to be able to hand the job totally to them. My mode of operation is always, I do it you watch, we do it, and then you do it, and I will check it. Job well done without supervision is yours.

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How to Develop Spiritual Authority

It is Your Journey; no one else can take it. Along the way, you discover for yourself and choose to reveal your uniqueness, your purpose, and your place to those who journey with you. God has called you to be in this time and place in history. God’s purpose for us is to create authority in the world around us and give it back to Him.

When you choose to be life giving to those around you and do not default to your weakness you gain authority. Very simply, do not ever let anything pass by you that you know is wrong without speaking about it. The result is not up to you, speaking or addressing it is.

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What Does God Do?

Just after the baptism of the Holy Spirit I began to be serious about serving God but I was confused about what I was to do and what God did. I thought I should ask Him everything, but I really wanted to do my own thing my way so I did.

The next day, I’d feel guilty and beg forgiveness. Examples I struggled with had to do with daily disciplines like getting up in the morning after staying up half the night rather than sleeping in. I really didn’t want to get up in the morning so I would set a couple of alarm clocks only to get up on shut them off and go back to bed.

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You’re Never Too Old to Hear Better!

February is a special month, with attention on building relationships and holding on to what is near and dear, to us all. I depend on a couple of rules for communication that are tried and true.

I first learned from my oldest son, five years old at the time. He’s a talker and I was not used to that, so I went about my chores and he would follow me chattering away. One day, he stopped right in the middle of the kitchen floor, put his little arms on his hips and glared at me while he said, “I’m going to wait till your eyes are on me!” Whoa! I stopped and gave him my whole attention to hear what he had to say. Being surprised, I did not even think to have a comment ready. I learned, the purest form of the golden rule is to listen.

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Here’s How to Build Great Relationships!

Relationships develop over time, when people share in a real way, so each person can know the other, rather than one person trying to meet the expectation of the other. It takes time to really listen and ask questions, to understand who that person really is.

We respond to people the way we think they think, without really stopping to listen and receive them as the person they are. One of my favorite books, The Velveteen Rabbit  by Margery Williams, explains becoming Real.

What is Real?

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